Also known as “The Golden State”, California, with its extensive combination of sea and mountains, is at the forefront of the current solar energy movement. Recently, a study conducted by the Department of Energy found that within the top 10 cities for solar in the United States, California fills 5 of the spots, therefore letting in to the fact that they are a successful model of the solar movement. Going solar in California is the next best decision due to its abundance of sunny days, supportive solar policies and fast-changing consumer behaviours with regards to the electricity production and delivery methods. These 3 elements have created an ideal solar market, and here is why:

1. I Should Go Solar In California Because Of The Abundance Of Sunny Days

California with its breathtaking beaches and rich history in entertainment is also known for its commonly enjoyed sunny days.

California sun

This abundance makes it the perfect location to take advantage of solar energy which converts sunlight into electricity. Interestingly enough, they receive 6 to 6.5 kilowatts of energy from the sun every hour, therefore placing them on the high end of the solar isolation range. When taking into consideration the solar angle, cloudiness and a variety of other factors, California is a welcoming host for the solar generation. In reality, the state speaks for itself with the rapid growth of solar power installations and booming profits. When investing in this advancement of technology, going solar guarantees energy and considerable savings on the monthly electricity bill will certainly be enjoyed and appreciated.

2. I Should Go Solar In California Because Of The Supportive Solar Policies

California, a clean energy pioneer is involved with a carbon emissions trading program with other pacific states as well setting 2 high goals: firstly for renewable resources to be supplying one-third of their electricity by 2020 and secondly to ensure its carbon dioxide emissions are cut by 80% by the year 2050. Over $11 billion was invested purely on Californian solar installations in 2014. This investment was higher than any other state in the United States. Apart from being home to one of the largest solar facilities on a worldwide scale, California is the state that produces the most energy. Individuals benefit from the supportive solar policies – in fact, the solar industry in California alone was responsible for creating and filling 54 700 jobs.

3. I Should Go Solar In California Because Of The Fast Changing Consumer Behaviors

As said previously, the California solar industry has created over 54 thousand employment opportunities for its residents. But that is not all, as solar becomes more and more popular, the costs have decreased in the last 5 years, making it much more available for the average family to utilize. California residents pay 33% more for electricity than the national average, emphasizing the need and then the benefit of choosing solar. The government supports this green way of living and now provides several tax credits and upfront solar rebates. State support and low prices make solar energy a much more affordable and wise option.


Living in a State like California where solar is encouraged and is in fact rewarded, is a simple reason why it should be done. Cheaper installation, tax credits and rebates are all benefits that can be enjoyed and results that can be measured. There has never been a time to advance like there is now especially when residing in such a resourceful state like California where solar energy is made easy and reachable. Taking part in reducing the large carbon footprint and creating a healthier and greener tomorrow, is what the generations to come will be thankful for.

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