Advocating for change can be an overwhelming task. Being eco-friendly promotes the reduction of harmful effects on the environment. Implementing the use of eco-friendly goods, services and guidelines can help promote change. The problem is spreading the positive attributes of eco-friendly living in a widespread manner. Using social media and the Internet helps in spreading the need for change. Along with these crucial resource tools, many actors and actresses are using fame as a means to spread the need for environmental change.

Eco-friendly celebrities help by appealing to numerous individuals across social and economic backgrounds. People love to follow celebrities on social media. Many eco-friendly celebrities are using fame and the limelight as a means to educate the public on different pressing environmental issues. Addressing environmental issues today will help in building a better future for all living creatures.

Many eco-celebrities serve on boards relating to environmental issues, wildlife preservation and the promotion of alternative energy sources. Along with the celebrities, the average individual can help in various organizations supporting the different causes. Each one of the eco-friendly celebrities finds different and unique ways to promote projects to bring about awareness and change.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo Dicaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his roles in various top-rated movies including, the unforgettable role as Jack Dawson in the “Titanic”. Over the years his movie roles provide him with the chance to give back to the environment in different ways. Establishing The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he works to protect different wild environments, advocates environmental and humanitarian issues. He offers his services to different environmentalism groups by serving on the board. Producing a documentary entitled “The 11th Hour”, Leonardo DiCaprio discusses the environmental effects of climate change on the Earth. He lends his services to other projects to help spread the necessity of going green.

2. Robert Redford


Robert Redford
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Robert Redford is an iconic actor, director, and producer. His success goes beyond the movie industry into business and other projects. His name is well-known around the globe. He is a trustee of the Natural Resource Defense Council. Working to advocate environmental issues, he writes about fracking and other concerns affecting the planet.

Being one of the eco-friendly celebrities, Robert Redford founded a non-profit organization, the Sundance Preserve, to protect the North Fork Canyon in Utah. Recognized as a pioneer for environmental issues, Robert Redford promotes various causes including, the use of solar energy and the preservation of the wildlife.

3. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt
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Many relate Brad Pitt with his early role in the movie, “Thelma & Louise”. Over the years, his movie success has put him in the public eye. Brad Pitt uses his fame to help people and promote eco-friendly living. After the Hurricane Katrina, he took part in launching a campaign to help people restore and rebuild communities in New Orleans. The “Make it Right” campaign features the rebuilding of homes with eco-friendly features including the use of solar panels.

4. Mark Ruffalo


Mark Ruffalo
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With the success of his role as the Hulk in the movies, Mark Ruffalo is using his fame to speak about different environmental issues. He wants to bring about climate change to provide a better future for everyone. Advocating clean, renewable energy, Mark Ruffalo founded The Solution Project and the Water Defense. Each project advocates the need for environmental changes to bring about clean solutions and promote the necessity of drinking water free from contaminants.

5. Tom Hanks


Tom Hanks
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Most individuals relate Tom Hanks to movie roles in “Forrest Gump”, “Splash”, and “You’ve Got Mail”. The long time actor and filmmaker strongly promote numerous interests beyond his Hollywood movie roles. He is a major supporter and volunteer for The Nature Conservancy. He advocates environmental change.

6. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts
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The star of “Pretty Woman” and “Eat Pray Love”, Julia Roberts is another eco-friendly celebrity hoping to bring about change. She advocates different environmental issues and is a spokesperson for Earth BioFuels.


Along with these six eco-friendly celebrities, others in the industry advocate change. Drew Barrymore recently launched an entire eco-friendly cosmetic line. Jessica Alba, co-founder of the Honest Company, sells eco-friendly products. Don Cheadle advocates environmental issues affecting climate change. Matt Damon advocates for the access of clean drinking water. Each one of the eco-friendly celebrities is trying to promote issues to advocate a cleaner, brighter tomorrow.

The best part of the advocating environmental change is anyone on the planet can participate. Everyone should recognize the effects daily living has on the environment. Eco-friendly celebrities may bring issues into the limelight, but everyone has the chance to bring about change for a better future. Learn about the issues, advocate for change, and invest in eco-friendly products, including solar panels and other renewable energy sources. The smallest changes may, in turn, provide the largest impact on the environment and the future of the planet.

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