With the wide range of renewable energy sources, there are not many excuses to not try to change things environmentally. Of course, conventional energy for many decades has been the standard and in the short term cost the least. However, the long term impact of these energy sources and the permanent damage they create due to their production cannot continue.

The technology is available and is becoming less and less expensive. Have you heard about solar power system and its benefits? How solar panels will make you save money over a long term period?

Many myths exist regarding the purchase of a solar energy system. However, we must not be distracted by such myths. This system will reduce your electricity bill, increase the value of your home, enable you to get a federal loan to help you buy the system and especially to have control over the unpredictable increases of energy suppliers.

3 solar energy system myths

1. They will damage my infrastructure

One of the most common myths is the fear that installing solar panels will damage the infrastructure of a home. However, it actually strengthens the stability of the roof. The solar panels are installed using reliable and robust equipment preventing leaks or damage while being installed on the roof or elsewhere on your property.

2. Solar panels are reserved for the wealthy

In fact; the cost of a 5kW system varies between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 according to the company with whom you do business. We will give more details in the next part, but installing solar panels is an investment, not an expense as some like to say. Of course, this requires a bit of budgeting, but you do not need to possess a $ 3 million dollar house to purchase this system.

3. A solar energy system devalues my property

Actually, it increases the resale value. By installing a solar energy system, you increase the energy efficiency of the property and to buyers this is very interesting. In addition, these solar power system do not increase residential taxes like a huge patio or an inground pool.

How to save with a solar energy system?

Buying a new solar power system could save you money in many ways.

The Federal Energy Tax Credit

When purchasing a solar system in the US, the Federal government (ITC) will give you 30% off the total cost to get your solar system installed. Also, verify if there are local State and utility incentives available, your payback period might be as low as 3-5 years. As mentioned above, the solar panels are not only reserved for the wealthy but for home owners looking to make a savvy financial decision.

Monthly savings on your electricity consumption

Depending on your State and the cost of electricity, it is possible to save a lot of money on your monthly bill.

How a solar power system could help lower your bills?
Source : Pure Energy

Slowly but surely, the profitability will depend on the region where you are located. Some states have more sun than others; therefore your location will affect the overall profitability of your system.

How a solar power system could help lower your bills?
Source : Pure Energy

Suppose a 10 kWh solar power system and an average sunshine of 5 hours, it will produce between 45 kilowatts and 50 kilowatts per day. Over a period of one month, this represents 1,372 kilowatts to 1525 kilowatts.

According to the electric choice website, the average monthly consumption of a house varies between 550 kWh and 1300 kWh depending on its location.


Consider the state of California in May 2016 had a monthly cost to 17.74 ¢ / kWh (EIA). A house in this state consumes about 560 kWh per month. The bill therefore amounts to $ 100. Considering that the house has a solar energy system 10 kW, it saves you over $ 250.

Control over the rising cost of electricity

It is not uncommon to see higher electricity prices. As the example above shows, you would be energetically independant. That is to say that if your electricity supplier decides to increase the monthly price of kW, you have a lot of room to maneuver in order to meet this increase.

We speak of course of a 10 kW system that costs a little more than a 5kW system. The fact remains that the savings are very favorable. Being independent of energy suppliers, you no longer have your hands tied and the dissatisfaction with the increases in electricity costs.

Help your new system by saving more

In order to help your solar energy system; you can reduce your consumption by applying these tips and advice.

• Unplug your electronics completely (not standby);
• Use your appliances when full;
• Insulate your home to make it more energy efficient;
• Limit your hot water tank to 120 degrees;
• Use LED bulbs;
• Use electronic and programmable thermostats.

In the long term and even a medium term, you could save hundreds of dollars a month in savings due to your solar panels. Want to see how much you can save, there are plenty of tools that exist?

Now you are informed about the myths circulating regarding solar power system. It is much more affordable than 10 years ago and more accessible for residential use. Of course, like all home improvements, a certain amount has to be put aside that might be too high for some budgets. However, the savings that you will have in the long-term makes it worthwhile. You will not only save money but you will also contribute to the effort of reducing carbon emissions and help the environment.

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